BCC CTE Instruction

Nourished by active community and industry advisory boards, our CTE faculty are talented professionals with years of academic training and industry experience who relish preparing students for career and transfer, as well as know the benefits of work-based learning, including informational interviews, job shadowing, paid and unpaid internships, cooperative educational experiences, and employment.

BCC CTE Student Success  Interested in the success of our CTE students? For a summary of BCC CTE student perspectives and experience after completing BCC CTE coursework, including finding a career or securing career advancement, please feel welcome to review the BCC CTE student outcomes survey: BCC CTE Employment Outcomes Survey 2014 BCC CTE Counseling  BCC is honored to have a full-time career counselor as our Counseling Department Chair, as well as full and part-time counselors focused on each career pathway. Additionally, the BCC Transfer and Career Information Center (https://www.berkeleycitycollege.edu/transfer/resources-for-career-exploration/) is excited to share career development resources with students beginning or re-envisioning their career and college pathways at BCC, including Career Cafe! http://www.cacareercafe.com/  BCC CTE Career Placement  Finally, BCC is delighted to partner with our sister college, College of Alameda, Berkeley Adult School, and the California Employment Development Department (EDD), to co-host the Northern Cities One Stop Career Center. http://www.servicelocator.org/search/detail-info.asp?Category=CenterInformation&ParentID=26210&state=CA
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