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About Orientation and AB-705


Online orientation must be completed prior to meeting with a counselor or by the end of your first semester.
With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students will receive a placement using high school records instead of the standardized assessment. Your new placement process will use your high school transcript. The purpose of the placement is to place you into appropriate English, Math, and ESOL courses based on information regarding your current skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.
The results of the placement, along with other multiple measures documentation information provided by the student will assist and aid in the appropriate placement into classes. The following documents can be used as multiple measures to assist you in achieving higher placement goals; college and or high transcripts, high school AP (with a 3 or higher) and IB (with a 6 or higher)scores. The counseling staff will use the multiple measures along with the high school transcript to assist you in selecting appropriate courses.
Special guided placement is provided for students whose native language is not English. This is called ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages).

During online orientation, students are provided with additional information regarding the college’s programs, services, and resources. Students also receive information regarding special programs and majors, degrees, certificates, transfer requirements, support services, and other useful information. You can access more college resources using myPath.
Important: Please know your Peralta Student ID# when you contact us.