Cross Enrollment


*****************Please visit us during an orientation to find out more about the program *********************


Important Note: UCB does not offer Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) courses  for BCC Cross Enrollment students



The Cross Enrollment Program (SB 1914) allows undergraduate students who meet certain eligibility criteria and are enrolled at any California Community College, California State University, or the University of California to enroll without formal admission in any other system.  BCC offers Cross Enrollment with San Francisco State University, California State University, East Bay, and the University of California, Berkeley.


The Cross Enrollment Program (CEP) Petition form (application) deadline at BCC for Fall 2024 is September 10th. You do not have to be enrolled in your UCB course on the 10th; this deadline is for BCC to process your application and determine your eligibility. The last day to submit your application with the professor’s signature to UCB is September 13th, 2024. The orientation will explain this in more detail.


 Instructions for registration into Cross Enrollment Program (CEP) courses

⇒ Be sure to review this page for eligibility

⇒ Attend an Orientation

⇒ You will receive a CEP application during orientation

⇒ Follow instructions received during orientation

⇒ I will sign your form as confirmation of your eligibility


To be eligible, you must:

→ The student must be enrolled in at least six units at Berkeley City College during the current semester in which the student seeks to participate in cross enrollment.

→ The student must pay the appropriate tuition required by Berkeley City College for the semester in which the student seeks to cross-enroll. You will receive information on how to pay once your CEP Petition form (application) is approved.

→ The student must have the appropriate academic preparation, as determined by the host campus, consistent with the standard for currently enrolled students, i.e., completion of pre-requisites (English 1A). Admission to the course is subject to availability and instructor approval.

Students may not enroll in a course that is offered at Berkeley City College.


All correspondence will be through the email.


To receive a Cross Enrollment application, you must attend an orientation.


Virtual Orientations: All links will be provided here on the day of orientation

8/7/24 9:30-10:30

8/8/24 1:00-2:00

8/14/24 11:00-12:00

8/20/24 5:00-6:00

8/21/24 9:00-10:00

8/26/24 2:00-3:00

8/27/24 6:00-7:00

If you would like to request an in-person orientation, please email

UC Berkeley

You may take one undergraduate course per semester at UC Berkeley.

  1. At the time of application, the student had completed at least one semester at Berkeley City College as a matriculated student with a GPA of 2.0.
  2. Students cannot enroll in Extension, summer session, graduate level, and any other courses not supported by the state.
  3. UC Berkeley charges each student an administration fee, currently $46 per unit. The UCB Cross Enrollment Coordinator will email you instructions about the payment process.

 CSU East Bay

You may take up to two undergraduate courses per quarter at CSUEB.

  1. Students must have completed at least 20 units at BCC with a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  2. CC Students who were formerly enrolled at CSUEB but were academically disqualified are not eligible to participate in the Cross Enrollment Program.
  3. CSU East Bay will not charge CEP students tuition, nor will they charge an application fee