Looking to move up in your career or launch a new career path? Do you have big career goals and even bigger plans for achieving them?

An affordable college degree, switching careers, or advancing to the next level may be top of mind.  Berkeley City College’s Career Education (CE) Programs can get you where you need to be.

With over 34 career advancing programs designed to provide students with the knowledge for a competitive edge in an ever-changing employment market, BCC helps students access the programs designed to boost their earning potential. We know this from our students who report solid full-time employment within 0 – 3 months of earning their Certificates of Achievement or Certificates of Proficiency. Berkeley City College’s Career Education Programs can get you where you need to be and put you on the right pathway.
The demand for business professionals continues to be high. Public and private sectors, small and large organizations in every industry need business professionals who are trained to organize, plan, and manage. Business program at Berkeley City College offers students courses to meet their professional or personal business goals and provides entry-level professionals with knowledge and skills to work in a variety of business environments.
Certificate and Programs
  1. Adv. Windows Desktop – AS/CA/CP
  2. Adv. Computer Program – AS/CA/CP
  3. Web Programming – AS/CA/CP
  4. Applied Computer Information System – AS/CA/CP
Certificate and Programs
  1. Liberal Studies Teacher Preparation – AA/CP
  2. School Readiness – CP
  3. Teacher’s Aide – CA
The field of education needs committed individuals with the knowledge and skills to help young people reach their potential. The teacher preparation program at Berkeley City College is a smart place to start. Learn to teach. The Liberal Studies-Teacher Preparation Program at Berkeley City College allows for a seamless transfer to any four-year institution where you can major in various education programs. It’s a giant step into the world of education and an opportunity to influence the next generation of learners. Courses Degrees and Certificates Faculty
Certificate and Programs
  1. Social Work & Human Services Paraprofessional – CA
Certificate and Programs
  1. Biotechnology – AS/CA/CP
  2. Analytical Chemistry – AS/CA
Certificate and Programs
  1. Multimedia Arts Core – CA
  2. Film, Television, and Electronic Media – AS-T
  3. Animation – CA-I/CA-II/CP
  4. Animation and Game Design – AA
  5. Game Design – CA-I/CA-II
  6. Digital Imaging – AA/CC(NC)
  7. Digital Imaging-Illustration – CA
  8. Digital Imaging-Printmaking – CA
  9. Digital Imaging-Photography – CA
  10. Video Arts – AA/CA/Cert-II
  11. Video Arts II-Directing and Producing – CA
  12. Video Arts II-Editing and Post Production – CA
  13. Social Media Storytelling – CA
  14. Mobile and Web Design – AA/Cert-I/Cert-II
  15. Motion Graphics – CA
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