Dual Enrollment
Berkeley City College

¿Conoces el programa de Doble Credito (Dual Enrollment) en Berkeley City College?

Twice as Strong with DE at BCC

As a Dual Enrolled student, you can earn college credit while you finish high school.

Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to get a head start on earning college credits. It allows students to take college courses while in high school and earn both high school and college credits simultaneously. Enrolling and participating in dual enrollment courses is free to most scholars, check out the DE Student Handbook to learn more about eligibility! If you have any questions, please email bccdualenrollment@peralta.edu.

Dual Enrollment courses:

  • help families save money on college tuition,
  • provide students with an advantage as they learn how to be successful college students, and
  • help students explore fields of study.


Step 1

Complete your Berkeley City college application.

Save your user name and password when you create an account for CCC Apply.
Please note that these times may vary. If you complete step 1 and haven’t received a welcome email within 48 hours reach out to Admissions & Records. For support completing your BCC application, review the application support guide.
The steps below may vary by middle or high school campus and district. OUSD students, please consult with your counselors for more information.

Step 2

Identify which course(s) you would like to register for.

Consult with your high school counselor and/or schedule an appointment to meet with a BCC counselor at this link here:

Additionally, check out the class search tool to view current and upcoming course offerings.

Step 3

Complete the Dual Enrollment student form. Have a school counselor review and sign off on your form. Have a parent / guardian review and sign off on your form.

Step 4

Submit your form to BCC Admissions and Records at BCC-AdmissionsRecords@peralta.edu. Allow up to 48 hours for processing. If you do not receive any email confirmation after 48 hours, please email BCC Admissions & Records at the above email.

Step 5

Once you’ve received confirmation that you have been registered, begin familiarizing yourself with your Peralta student accounts in preparation for starting your course(s). 

Once you have a Peralta Student ID, you can make an appointment with a BCC counselor at anytime by clicking this link here, or visiting the counseling office on the 2nd floor. 

Reach out if you need support with anything! 


Take ownership of of your academic future with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law that transfers ownership of your educational record from your parents to you, even if you’re under 18. This means you will be considered a college student if you enroll in a BCC course, regardless of age.

For more information on FERPA, visit our FERPA resource site.

The Dual Enrolled Students Club (DESC) was founded in Fall of 2022 as a club for high school students who are taking, or want to take classes, at BCC. DESC aims to create a community for dual enrolled students to connect with each other, share resources they’ve found helpful, discuss how to manage schoolwork, and overall provide support with the processes of dual enrollment.
Currently, in addition to holding regular meetings every other week, the club is working on planning out events for the spring semester; such as promotion of summer classes and study jams at BCC. For more information, contact: dualenrolledstudentsclub@gmail.com

“I heard about this program through my friends at school. I loved that they explained that you can make connections here and really further yourself, and get college credits. I thought that was really helpful so I can put it on my resume to help me get into a college like UCLA. I made connections with people like Skylar (BCC Counselor) who really want to see me and my friends as scholars grow and get into our dream schools and have a good and successful life. It helps me prepare for what college work would be like. When it comes to a sense of work ethic and how to hold myself up for studying for college I think this is a great start. BCC is a great institution and I would love to take some classes to help further my skills in Mechanical Engineering and Calculus and Math.”
Dual Enrolled Student at BCC