The President’s Circle

BCC is launching a new initiative to help sustain the College in an era of economic challenge. Your gift of $1,000 or more will help support the signature programs highly prized by our students, faculty and the Berkeley community.

Your investment makes you a partner in the excellence that Berkeley City College strives for year round.  Charter members giving $1,000 and above will be recognized and honored throughout the year and receive invitations to special events.

Your gift helps fund:

Tutors, enabling students learn at their own pace, especially in large classes.

$1,000 funds a teaching assistant for one semester.

Smaller Classes, allowing for student-focused instruction.

$4,500 pays for splitting a class of 40 students into two classes of 20 each.

Essential Supplies, to enhance our programs College-wide.

$3,000 provides a year of ink for large digital printers.

$5,000 buys a year’s worth of videotape, lights and gels.

$2,000 buys 100 loaner textbooks for students to use in the library.

Berkeley Promise

$2,400 provides tuition and books for a student.