Early College Credit and Summer Program for High School Students

Berkeley City College provides enrichment opportunities for high school students who can benefit from college-level instruction. In addition to college credit, students can explore a variety of career options that are being offered by BCC Career Education Programs. Admission to the college requires approval from the high school counselor. Tuition is FREE.  
Steps for High School Special Enrollment:

Step 1 – Peralta Application Process

  Complete the Peralta Admissions Application (click step 1 on linked page to complete an online application at CCCApply). Once the application is completed please print or write down the confirmation number of the application. If you need assistance, contact bcc-ambassadors@peralta.edu.

Step 2 – High School Enrollment Program Form

 Complete a High School Special Enrollment form and take it to your school counselor to obtain his/her signature and discuss your selection. The courses you take must be approved by your high school counselor. The enrollemnt fees are waived for high school students.  Students who have previously attended a PCCD college and are returning after missing a semester or more must also submit a new application.  To enroll, submit the High School Special Enrollment form to bccadmissionsrecords@peralta.edu. You must fill out a separate form for each semester you wish to attend.

Step 3 – Student Campus Solutions Page Activation

  Go to sa.peralta.edu  Click the “Forgot password?” link and select “I don’t know my User ID”.  Enter the requested information in the pop-up window.  Use the User ID and Password you are given in the log-in box. Please email reset@peralta.edu if you are unable to log into the Student Campus Solutions System.  Click the “Student Center” link to enroll in classes. If you need assistance, contact bcc-ambassadors@peralta.edu.
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