California Career Pathways Trust

East Bay Career Pathways Trust Logo California Assembly Bill 86 (AB 86) allocated funding implementation grants to regional consortia comprised of community college districts and their K-12 counterparts to develop robust career and college pathways supported by transitional services, industry and 4-year college aligned career and college education, and work-based learning experience. Excitedly, the East Bay region was award $15M to engaged in collaborative work with our sister colleges from Hercules to Hayward, with 11 K-12 district partners as well as Chabot and Contra Costa Colleges. Our work as a consortium focuses on three important areas: transitions, career and college pathways, and work-based learning. For detailed information around best practices and lessons learned, please see the opening East Bay Career Pathways Trust presentations at the October and December convenings: October EBCPT Convening: December EBCPT Convening: EBCPT MASTER-12-4-14-Slides-Assessment-Dual-Enrollment Berkeley City College is honored to have received funding for counseling and instructional faculty, including those in the Health and Biosciences, Information and Communications Technology/Digital Media, and Public Service and Law. For more information regarding the Career Pathways Trust grant which Peralta Community College District leads for our region, including organizational structure, meeting dates, and data: For school year 2014-2015, the following counseling and instructional faculty serve as Career Pathways Trust Champions for their departments and programs: Scott Blitch and Natalia Fedorova, Biotechnology/Biosciences Allene Young-Hegler, Counseling Katie Koelle, English Gabe Winer and Laurie Brion, ESL Neil Dunlop and Juan Herrera, ICT/Computer Science Mary Clarke-Miller, ICT/Multimedia Arts Daniel Najjar, Mathematics Stephanie Sanders-Badt, Public and Human Services Juana Alicia Araiza, Public Art East Bay Career Pathways Trust 15-16 Planning Document DRAFT The EBCPT Working Group has asked for college-level feedback on how each college’s Career Pathways Trust Faculty Champions, faculty, and staff will work with local feeder high schools to collaborate to ensure strong career and college pathways, seamless transitions, and work-based learning opportunities. Based on CPT Champion feedback, including a survey, regional pathway action team convenings, and reporting, the follow draft has been compiled to document work to date out CPT outcomes, and for review and feedback before regional sharing on 7 May 2014 at the 4th CPT meeting. Your comments are most encouraged:
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