BCC Fall 2013 Flex Days: Equity through Engagement

Thanks to everyone who participated in BCC’s fall 2013 Flex Days! The sessions were well-attended and set the stage for a semester of continuous improvement.

BCC Professional Development Days Agenda August 15-16 2013

Thursday’s sessions focused on our college’s achievements and goals. Shared Governance and union leadership welcomed the community. President Debbie Budd shared the great news on accreditation and other accomplishments, provided important budget and facilities updates, and honored several staff and faculty with Presidents’ Awards. A team from the Teaching and Learning Center shared results of last semester’s Faculty Inquiry Groups and Action Plan Projects for Learning Excellence, and faculty members led a planning session based on results of the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). Vice President of Student Services May Chen discussed implications for BCC of the new Student Success and Support Program, and our new Director of  Special Projects Katherine Bergman shared news of the many grant-funded projects slated for the upcoming year. Dean Lilia Celhay led a joyful introduction to our new colleagues, a team from Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities led a forum on supporting students with disabilities through Universal Design, and a faculty team wrapped up the day with a discussion of the public value of our degrees using the model of the Degree Qualifications Profile (http://degreeprofile.org/). 

Friday’s sessions included a lively discussion led by Dean of Student Services Brenda Johnson and our Mental Health Counselor Ann Sussman on navigating challenging interactions on campus, an orientation for new faculty and staff, as well as department and learning community meetings.