Charge of the Committee

The Berkeley City College Professional Development Committee supports faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders in activities that build our capacity to contribute to BCC’s vision:

Berkeley City College is a premier, diverse, student-centered learning community, dedicated to academic excellence, collaboration, innovation, and transformation.

  1. Work with Unions, other shared governance bodies, and Special Projects to create and foster a broad array of Professional Development activities.
  2. Establish priorities and procedures and approve funding requests for Professional Development activities. Depending on funds available and requests received, professional development funds may be awarded for the following:
    • collaborative projects including TLC activities
    • tuition reimbursement, in-house training, and webinars
    • books, materials, supplies, and software
    • memberships and subscriptions
    • retreats
    • conference registration, travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and other related expenses
    • other expenses that directly contribute to professional development.
  3. Oversee the sabbatical leave process (see Article 26, Paragraph R and the Sabbatical Leave Handbook for description of guidelines, procedures, applicants, etc.); and review, score and rank all applicants. The committee shall make its recommendations to the College President and the Chancellor.
  4. Plan the Flex Day activities
  5. Oversee and advise the activities and use of the Teaching and Learning Center
  6. Issue twice yearly report to the College Community and the District Officer of Staff Development: on expenditures, funding priorities, procedures, deadlines, activities, schedule of meetings, attainment of goals, needs assessments, etc.
  7. Professional Development Committee decisions and recommendations shall not be subject to the grievance process.