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Research Orientations

To arrange a Library Orientation session for your class, use the Library Orientation Request Form.

Library Orientations are an easy way for students to become familiar with BCC library resources. You can help your students go beyond Google by scheduling a library orientation for your class.  The content and length of an orientation can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Library orientations increase students’ ability to find research materials for their assignments and help them make the best use of the many print and electronic resources available to them.

You may schedule a general or special-topic library orientation for your class, including a synchronous Zoom session. We can also help curate and create resources for an asynchronous module in Canvas.  Once contacted, we will schedule the visit and discuss what information your students will need from the library, the details of the current assignment, etc.

In the past, a FIG was conducted exploring the primary reasons why the majority of students in a first year U.S. history course lacked adequate research skills.  The investigation revealed that all of the students benefited from additional support in the library.  The question explored was what could be done to improve these skills with a library-instructor partnership.   Based on findings, it was concluded that students in research-oriented courses would benefit from curriculum that requires use of library resources and interactions with library staff.   Instructors in relevant courses would benefit from partnering with the BCC library before the start of each semester to develop library coursework that would improve student success in research-based assignments.  Please consider working with the library to include assignments that incorporates a library component.