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Embedded Librarians in Canvas

How do I get a librarian added into my Canvas class?

If you want to have a librarian embedded in your Canvas course, please fill out this form.   Once a librarian is assigned, they will contact the faculty member with instructions for submitting their request to the help desk. The request for embedding a librarian must come from the faculty member to demonstrate they have consented.

Note: Librarians will be added to your course with the Librarian Role for the duration of the semester. If you want them removed from your course before the semester ends, please submit a ticket.

What are embedded librarians?

Embedded Librarians are librarians who work with your online class to help your students locate, evaluate & effectively use the information resources that will make them successful in your class.  It is like bringing the library directly into your Canvas classroom environment.

Consider embedding a librarian into your online course to enable students to connect directly with a librarian.  Librarians can monitor discussion threads about research skills and finding academic sources for coursework, create research guides specifically for your course, hand pick the best library resources for an assignment and more.

What can an embedded librarian do in your Canvas course?

Embedded Librarians can help facilitate student research and the use of library resources.  Librarians can assist in the following ways:

  • Demonstrate (using screencast videos) search strategies; 

  • Serve as a contact regarding library or research questions;

  • Provide assistance in proper citations (how to cite in different styles and how to cite different sources);

  • Offer individual attention to students during any stage of their research process;

  • Collaborate with you to identify the best resources to assist your students.

What can an embedded librarian NOT do in your Canvas course?

  • Grade or see grades
  • View student submissions
  • Change or create modules, pages, and assignments
  • Upload content (except in the discussion board)

Why can’t I add them myself?

Under FERPA regulations, only instructors and enrolled students may interact and share content within a course.  Since librarians are not instructors or students in the class, they need special authorization in order to be added into Canvas courses because they will be able to view students’ names, view and post to discussions, and view course content and announcements (they will not be able to grade, see grades or see student submissions).