Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Chemistry Certificates and Degrees

Biotechnology Associate in Science Degree  

Biotechnology draws from many disciplines, including genetics, immunology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. Recent advances in biotechnology have resulted in major contributions to the fields of medicine, pharmacy, public health and agriculture. The Associate of Science degree in Biotechnology at Berkeley City College prepares students for employment as technicians and research associates in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, state and federal laboratories, and a range of clinical and academic laboratories. The program also incorporates coursework for those students desiring to transfer to CSU/UC prior to entering the workforce. 

Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant Certificate of Achievement  

The Certificate of Achievement prepares students for entry level laboratory assistant positions in biotechnology related industry and academic laboratories. It is designed for students who are starting out in STEM, including recent high school graduates, students who are re-tooling or changing majors, and students proceeding to 4 year institutions who may want to work in a laboratory as they complete their studies. 

Biotechnology Research Laboratory Assistant Certificate of Achievement  

The Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology prepares students for biotechnology technician and research assistant positions in industry and academic research laboratories. The certificate is designed for students who have completed the Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology and want to progress in their education and training so that they can either enter the workforce directly or transfer to a 4 year institution. The certificate also has been designed for students who have completed degrees in chemistry or biology, and for professionals in the industry and research laboratories, who desire more up to date laboratory training. 

Analytical Chemistry Associate in Science Degree and Certificate of Achievement  

Chemistry technicians preform very important roles in analytical laboratories in academic, research and industrial institutions. They perform duties such as assisting instructors prepare materials for laboratory classes, assisting researchers collect and analyze scientific data, or gathering data for product quality control in industries. At Berkeley City College we offer a two-year (four-semester) Analytical Chemistry program designed to provide individuals with the analytical skills needed for entry-level employment as laboratory technicians in those institutions. At the same time, the Analytical Chemistry program at BCC also prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges or universities. 

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