Business Certificates and Degrees

Accounting Associate in Arts Degree and Certificate of Proficiency
Prepare students for careers within accounts receivable and accounts payable departments, payroll units, income tax forms, and financial services organizations. Students who complete the program will be able to identify, analyze, summarize, communicate, record, and interpret business transactions and financial statements. 

General Business Associate in Arts Degree and Certificate of Achievement
Allow students to advance in their jobs or prepare for new career options. They also develop problem solving skills that help them compete for jobs in today’s business world.

Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer
Will help students develop communications, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Students will also learn how to convey ideas skillfully and effectively in writing and presentations. Students who successfully complete the AS-T in Business Administration earn specific guarantees for transfer to the CSU system: admission to a CSU with junior status and priority admission a local CSU campus and to a program or major in business administration or a similar major. 

Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate of Achievement
Will provide students with the research skills, critical thinking, and business tools necessary to plan a new business, make it operational, and manage it. The courses in this certificate will give students the skills to make appropriate business decisions and recognize when professional counsel (e.g., certified public accountants, lawyers, etc.) is needed to make those decisions. This certificate will also help students to effectively operate and manage the new business once it’s operational.

Office Skills for Business Certificate of Achievement
Allows students to learn the latest computer software and office technologies. They also develop communications and problem-solving skills that help them compete for jobs in today’s business world.

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