Staff and Faculty: Do you have a student in need?

The Wellness Center and P2P Team can help with that!

  • Do you ever have a student in need and you don’t know where to send them?
  • Think students in your class could benefit from a refresher or information session on what the P2P team provides?

Read below to see how you (and we!) can help.

The P2P Team is a group of students who specialize in Peer Support to provide non-judgmental and stigma-free guidance in one on one or group settings.

Peer support is a model of care which focuses on providing non-judgmental support and listening spaces from people with lived experiences with coping or caring for those with mental health challenges.

This guide below is recommended in determining the best place to consider guiding your student toward based on some of their behaviors, actions, and/or what they’re saying.

Links from the above:

Classroom Presentation Request and Marketing Information

Would you like a member of our team to come to your classroom and talk about resources?

Go here for more information:

Fill out the form here:

Please email for more information or to do a manual request.

Campus Flex Day Workshops

In addition to the resources and education we are providing to the students, we know that you (both staff and faculty) are working hard to support them and we want to help in those conversations!

Here are resources and workshops we’ve been doing for you: