DACA Student Mental Health and Wellness Resources

DACA Student Support Resources

“Please be assured that the Peralta Community College District and BCC are committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all of us.  Our support of the undocumented residents in our community is unwavering.”                                                  Former BCC Pres. Dr. Rowena Tomaneng

Medi-Cal and DACA Eligibility  



Mental Health Resources 

Mental Health Emergency Toolkit  http://weareheretostay.org/resources/mental-health-emergency-toolkit/


                                                                                Positive Affirmations https://defineamerican.com/undocujoy/


Elevating the Soul http://www.undocuhealing.org/elevating-the-soul-guide.html


Phone Apps for Stress Relief

  Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Start your journey to a calmer mind with the app that’s trusted by millions and featured in the New York Times


Pacifica                                                                                                                                                           Stress, anxiety, and depression can get in the way of you living your life. Pacifica gives you psychologist-designed tools to address them based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and mood/health tracking.


 Happy Habits The Secret of Happiness Let It Find You (But Make the Effort) This app uses the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) from the positive psychology research to provide comprehensive tools to help create the conditions for happiness in your life.


Mental Health Services  

                                                                                     Asian Community Mental Health Services http://www.acmhs.org/


                                                                                       Casa del Sol – Alameda County Residents http://www.laclinica.org/CasaDelSol/


Trauma Recovery Center – Alameda County Residents http://www.acfjc.org/news-events/files/trc_flyer_v6.pdf


Local DACA Support Therapists  – DACA THERAPY


                                                                                     National Suicide/Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text: 741741