P2P Resources Presentation

Classroom Presentation Request and Marketing Information

Would you like a member of our team to come to your classroom and talk about resources?

It’s important to connect faces to services, so if you think your students have a high amount of need, let us know and we can come and tell them about what we do!

We offer resource presentations both in person and over Zoom, and have videos available if you do not meet.

To request a presentation, please complete the following interest form: https://bit.ly/ResourceP2P

Please email SuccessIncBCC@Peralta.edu for more information or to do a manual request.

What impact do these presentations have?

The purpose of inviting us to present to your students or peers is to address common barriers people experience when engaging in help-seeking behaviors.

  • Sometimes people want help and don’t know where to go or what is offered.
  • Sometimes people don’t trust services because of confidentiality concerns, a lack of cultural competency, or from negative experiences.
  • Sometimes it take meeting someone who has used the services to help encourage others to do the same.

Our team is trauma informed, strengths based, and recovery oriented in their approach. We hope that by meeting our team, it will help overcome aspects of this stigma and assist our students where they are at and get them to where THEY want to be.