Curriculum Committee Agenda

Spring 2024 Curriculum Committee Meeting Agendas

5-16-24 Agenda

5-2-24 Draft Minutes and Approved Curriculum Items
Articulation Officer Report Documents: (1) IGETC & CSU Approvals for Fall 2024 (2) Planned Submissions for UC TCA in June
Proposed Bylaws Update
Counseling Curriculum Plan
Math Curriculum Plan
CIS Curriculum Plan and slides from Advisory Committee
Science Curriculum Plan
5-16-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

5-2-24 Agenda

4-18-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
ASL Curriculum Plan
5-2-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

4-18-24 Agenda

4-4-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
April CIPD Report
Counseling Curriculum Plan
ADT Description Draft Template
4-18-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

4-4-24 Agenda

3-21-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
Standardizing ADT Descriptions
4-4-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

3-21-24 Agenda

3-7-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
Slides Provided by Joseph Bielanski from recent Articulation Officers meeting: C-ID NCAIC Update and CIAC Update
Curriculum Planning Process Training: Training Slides and Committee Planning Policies
English Department Curriculum Plan
Modern Languages Curriculum Plan
3-21-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

3-7-24 Agenda

2-15-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
March CIPD Report
Committee Membership Summary
3-7-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

2-15-24 Agenda

2-1-24 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
February CIPD Report
Committee Bylaws
Reference material for Title 5 changes:
1. Changes submitted to the Board of Governors
2. Memo from the State Chancellor’s office
CalGETC Training
2-15-24 Curriculum Items for Approval

2-1-24 Agenda

12-7-23 Draft Minutes and Curriculum Items
December CIPD Report
Committee Bylaws
2-1-24 Curriculum Items for Approval