Meet the Mental Health Team!!

Janine Greer MFT

Janine Greer MFT/Clinical Supervisor is a community worker, therapist, and psychology instructor. Born and raised in San Francisco, she loves good food, good music, hiking, and traveling.  She believes in the human spirit and people’s innate ability to change and move towards their highest and best good. Her mantra is ‘healing begins with just one step.’





Kat Reeve

Kat Reeve is a therapist in training attending San Francisco State University. She grew up in the Bay Area and is a former BCC student. She loves blasting Mariah Carey in the morning and being near the ocean. She has a background in expressive arts and movement and approaches therapy through a lens of social justice and body-mind connection. 




Chinue Igwe

Chinue Igwe (she/her) is a therapist in training. She identifies as a biracial Nigerian American queer woman. She was born and raised in the Central Valley but Oakland is home. When she’s not cruising around on her skateboard, she’s trying to deepen her meditation practice and relishing in all things Tracy Chapman and Golden Girls. 



Rachel Nannini

Rachel Nannini is a Therapist in Training who grew up in LA and has lived all over the US.  Attended 5 different colleges/universities.  Very good at working with SAS students or students considering those services.

Maryam Awwal

Maryam Awwal
Born in Ohio and grew up in the Bay Area. My parents immigrated here from Bangladesh in the late 80’s. I love being in nature and spending time with people I love. Passionate about integrating body, mind, and spirit in our mental health. 


Cynthia Park
Cynthia Park

Cynthia Park Chai is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. She has worked in the BCC Wellness Center since 2018. She is a Korean American woman who was born and raised in the Bay Area. Her goal is to meet students where they are and provide a safe environment in which they can feel seen, heard, and understood. She believes in helping students access strengths that already exist within themselves while honoring their identities, experiences, and intersectionality. She enjoys kickboxing, taking care of plants, and loves milk tea.