Student Learning Outcomes for Syllabi

To find the current student learning outcomes for a course, access the course outline through Curricunet Meta. If you already have a log in for Curricunet at Peralta, go to and type in the course number in the search box on the landing page. You may need to uncheck the box for “My Proposals.” From the search results, find the entry that is active and click on “outcome outline” in the Reports column. This will provide a PDF file of the course outline with the SLOs.

If you do not have a Curricunet log in, you can access the public site at To find your course, select the campus from the drop down menu, click on the button for “Course” (it will be red if selected), then choose the subject and enter the course number. Click on the search button. Results will appear by name and title. Click on the icon at the end of the course name to open the course outline.

If you would like a log in for Curricunet, contact Nancy Cayton, Curriculum & Student Learning Outcome and Assessment Specialist at BCC, at