Welcome to the Berkeley City College (BCC) Learning Outcomes and Assessment website. BCC is committed to an evidence-based decision making for continuous improvement for student achievement and success and elimination of equity gap in disproportionately impacted student groups.

Outcomes and Assessment play a critical role for BCC to achieve this goal. Led by the College’s Assessment Committee, the College engages in 3-year cycle of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) assessment, Program Learning Assessment (PLO) and annual review of the Institutional Learning outcomes (ILO).

This site will provide you with BCC’s Learning Outcomes and Assessment framework, Cycle, Timeline, and institutional calendar of Learning Outcomes and Assessment schedule.

In addition, there are resource information regarding CurriQunet Meta which is the tool and repository of all information relative to SLO, PLO, and ILO for instruction, Student Services, Academic Support Services and Administrative Services. You can review the instructions for using CurriQunet Meta so you can review most current SLOs, assessment results, action plans and outcomes of the action plans.

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), serves as a powerful entity to examine, explore and identify innovative pedagogy, strategies, support services and other creative solutions for making improvements to our teaching and learning and support mechanism in order to serve our students better.

TLC relies on the results and outcomes from the assessments and action plans that are identified for improvements. There are unique methods that TLC provides that are excellent resources for the faculty.


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Please use this site to find information about student learning outcomes (SLO’s) and SLO assessment, as they relate to specific courses, programs, student services, and institutional learning outcomes at Berkeley City College.

CurriQunet is the repository for all information about SLOs and SLO assessment at BCC. It contains the most current versions of SLOs for all courses, instructional programs, and student services areas. See the instructions for using CurriQunet (on the left) to view SLO’s, assessment results, action plans, and results of action plans.

On this site, you can also find an overview of the SLO assessment process and other information about SLO assessments at BCC.

To create or update SLO’s, work with your assessment liaison and department chair.

If you’re interested in continually improving instruction in the classes you teach, please consider using some of the classroom assessment techniques described here.  

Finally, the Teaching and Learning Center (see link on the left) is a powerful tool at BCC for closing the loop on assessments by providing a venue for faculty to collaboratively arrive at and implement action plans related to assessment findings.  The focused inquiry groups (FIGs) are used primarily to develop action plans, and the action plan projects for learning excellence (APPLEs) are used to implement those plans.

Please feel free to send related questions and comments to Kelly Pernell at kpernell@peralta.edu.