Test Proctoring

Instructors click here.

Test will be proctored either online or in person depending on how the class is being tested.

To take a test with extra time on Canvas:

  1. Email your instructor, let them know you are a SAS student and need extra time to take the exam. Please be sure to include your name, the class, the instructor, and the section number (b1, b2, etc).

  2. Copy (cc) SAS.BCC.exams@peralta.edu on the email.

  3. We will then send an email to your instructor advising them of how much additional time you should have. We will copy you in this email.

  4. The instructor will send us acknowledgement that the testing time will be adjusted.

When your exam starts, please check your allotted time. If your time has not been extended, immediately sign off and email us and your instructor.

To take an in-person, proctored test:

Tests are proctored between 9:30 and 4:45. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your exams.

  • Calculate what your total testing time will be, and make sure that you schedule (and arrive) early enough that you will have your full extended time.

Scheduling Exams

  • Test proctoring appointments should be scheduled at least a week in advance by sending an email to SAS.BCC.exams@peralta.edu. In the body of your email, please list:
    • your name and student ID
    • class title and number (exes. math 203, engl 1a, phys 4c, etc)
    • time and date you would like to take the exam
      • time and date the class is taking the exam if different (not recommended)
    • instructor’s name and email address as listed on the syllabus
    • If you use alternate media, please include the type of media you require when you schedule your exam.
    • If you use accommodations beyond extended time, please include the accommodations you will be using when you schedule your exam.
  • You should receive an automatic reply confirming that your request has been received within a few minutes of sending your email. If you do not, please check that you have entered the email address correctly (the most common mistake is leaving off the “s” in “exams”).
  • We will send a second email during normal business hours confirming that your test has been scheduled or letting you know of any conflicts

Taking Exams

  1. Come to the SAS office (261) at or before your scheduled test time to check in.
    • You will leave your belongings and cellphone in the SAS office while you take your test.
      • Please make sure your cellphone is off or on silent before leaving it in the office
      • Please make sure your belongings are out of the way of drawers and foot traffic.
    • Bring any materials that you will need for the exam (pencil, pen, scantron, blue/green book, line/graph paper, etc)
  2. During your exam
    • If you need to use the restroom, please bring your exam to the office first.
      • Restroom breaks are counted as part of your exam time
    • You may bring drinks into the exam room.
    • At the discretion of office staff, you may be allowed to bring snacks into the exam room.
      • Nothing crunchy, smelly, or likely to be an allergen.
      • If you make a mess in the testing room, you will lose this privilege for the remainder of the term.
    • Note: If cheating occurs, the exam will be stopped and the instructor will be notified. All materials will be held for instructor action.
  3. When you are done, return your exam to the office (261). You may then collect your things and go.

Please make sure you have everything before you leave.