Test Proctoring

Instructors click here.

Test will be proctored either online or in person depending on how the class is being tested.

To take a test with extra time:

  1. Fill out the proctored test scheduling form at least a week in advance.
    • Testing begins at 9:15AM, and you must be finished by 4:45PM.
  2. You will be able to print your responses for your records after submitting.
  3. We will send a confirmation email within two business days confirming that your test has been scheduled or letting you know of any conflicts.
    (Please note, requests sent after noon on Friday may not be answered until Monday. Requests sent on Saturday or Sunday will not be answered until Monday.)

Taking Proctored Exams on Campus

  1. Come to the SAS office (261) at or before your scheduled test time to check in.
    • You will leave your belongings and cellphone in the locked SAS cabinet while you take your test.
      • Please make sure your cellphone is off or on silent.
    • Bring any materials that you will need for the exam (pencil, pen, scantron, blue/green book, line/graph paper, etc)
  2. During your exam
    • If you need to use the restroom, please bring your exam to the office first.
      • Restroom breaks are counted as part of your exam time
    • You may bring drinks into the exam room.
    • At the discretion of office staff, you may be allowed to bring snacks into the exam room.
      • Nothing crunchy, smelly, or likely to be an allergen.
      • If you make a mess in the testing room, you will lose this privilege for the remainder of the term.
    • Note: If cheating occurs, the exam will be stopped and the instructor will be notified. All materials will be held for instructor action.
  3. When you are done, return your exam to the office (261). You may then collect your things and go.

Please make sure you have everything before you leave.