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Mon-Fri 9:00 – 4:45

Please note:

  • Currently, the most consistent way to get in contact with us is through
  • All meetings will be held over Zoom or by phone.
    • While working from home, many of us are calling out from restricted numbers. If you are unable (or don’t want) to receive restricted calls, please make sure to request a zoom meeting with your counselor.


 Contact Information

Elissa Jaw Coordinator/Counselor (510) 981-2835
Jean Rowland Academic Counselor (510) 981-2973
Jessica Kumar Academic Counselor
Roberto Gonzalez Alternate Media Specialist (510) 981-2826
Maricela Becerra LD Specialist (510) 981-2929
Dolores Harshaw Staff Assistant (510) 981-2813
Lynn Massey Staff Assistant (510) 981-2812