Requests for Specialized Furniture

When students are unable to use the standard furniture in a classroom due to a disability, they may make a request for specialized furniture to use during their course.  Requests for specialized furniture can be made in two ways:

  1. A student may schedule an appointment with the SAS office to apply for services. After certificated staff review the verification of disability and determine the need for services, the SAS staff will coordinate with the Business Office to arrange for specialized furniture to be brought to the student’s classroom(s).
  2. A student may also make the request to the instructor for specialized furniture due to a disability. The instructor may then work directly with the Business Office and/or their manager to have specialized furniture brought to the classroom.

Please note that classrooms will have at least one adjustable table available for a student who has need due to a disability, regardless of whether the individual is registered with SAS.  If there is need for more than one adjustable table in a classroom for students with disabilities, please refer to the aforementioned steps to install additional tables.  Also, furniture may sometimes be moved by staff or other students to different classrooms.  In order to retain the specialized furniture for the intended classroom, we advise that a “Do Not Remove” sign be placed on the furniture with the classroom number printed on the sign for the duration that the student is enrolled in the course.