Community Health Worker non-credit Certificate of Completion

This 105-hour non-credit certificate is for students who plan to pursue a career in community health or social work. This program is ideal for returning adult learners, folks who have been out of school for some time, new immigrants who are learning about how human service professions function in the  United States, or those who are making a career shift into social work and human services.  Students learn about the various roles community health workers have in our communities, create lasting connections with fellow-classmates, hear guest-talks given by local professionals in the field, clarify your own career goals, and become prepared for entering the for-credit program. 

The certificate enables students to gain exposure to various career options in community health, and develop skills necessary for entry-level employment in the field. Topics covered include: overview of community health work, terminology and basic physiology, assessment of health promotion programs, individual and community advocacy, basic skills for the profession, survey of community health workers and agencies, cultural humility, implicit bias, professional behavior, ethics, and all nine industry standard CHW core competencies (communications, professional and personal development, cultural competency and ethnic diversity, health care systems, barriers and resources, technology). Students may elect to continue their education through Berkeley City College’s non-credit Social Work and Human Services Work Readiness Certificate, the 18-credit unit Peer Support Specialist Certificate, or the AA-T Degree in Social Work and Human Service.

This certificate can be completed in one semester. Weekly time commitment is about 7 hours, including lecture time and self-paced study. Currently, this program is offered exclusively online. BCC provides WiFi hotspots, Chromebooks, and text books for this program. We also have multiple student support programs to give you wrap around support.

Required Courses

HUSV 500A: Community Health Worker I (first 7-week course)

HUSV 500B: Community Health Worker II (second 7-week course)

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills for placement in entry-level volunteer, internship, or paid opportunities.
  2. Determine a successful pathway to reach career goals as a community health worker.

To enroll complete this interest survey:

If you have any enrollment questions, you can reach out to Midhun Joseph, BCC Transitions Coordinator |