The Social Work and Human Services program at Berkeley City College helps launch case workers, navigators, behavioral specialists, community health workers, case coordinators, population health specialist into satisfying careers that pay a Bay Area living wage. Many names for one calling: community healing. If your interest and passion is in transforming communities impacted by health disparity, intergenerational trauma, systemic exclusion, or violence, you are in the right place.  Our students are deeply committed to learning the skills necessary to lift up their communities of origin. Our graduates take positions in local government programs, non-profits serving at-risk populations, educational settings, residential settings, and in advocacy organizations.

Our offerings are Career Education focused, and also stack towards various degrees.  Our students earn while they learn, and most are employed while they pursue their academic development. Take a few classes to enhance your skill set (and earn a pay bump!), take a few more to earn a certificate, or build a plan for an Associates Degree with our dedicated counseling staff.  Complete courses in the evenings or online while you continue working.  Imagine yourself transferring to a 4-year school. Dream that big dream of a Master’s in Social Work or Public Health. 

Our 100% FREE non-credit Community Health Worker program can prepare you for your academic experience and entry into Human Services work or help you earn a pay raise/promotion if you are already employed in the field. For those of you who are ready to start earning industry-recognized college credit, learn more about our 18-hour Human Services & Social Work Paraprofessional Certificate. Start your application and/or enroll here.

We can help you get there.

Program Outcomes (Pending 2022 Update)

  • Demonstrate culturally appropriate communication skills for entry-level employment in social work and human services, such as Peer Support Specialist, Case Manager, Navigator, or Advocate.
  • Apply boundary settings skills and emotional regulation skills appropriate for entry-level social work and human services positions, such as Peer Support Specialist, Case Manager, Navigator, or Advocate.