Teacher’s Assistants

Teacher’s Assistants


 Josiah Baker is a science curriculum developer for the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading program, at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley. He has helped develop many activities for elementary age students, and has authored numerous children’s books. Additionally, Josey is working on developing after-school lessons as part of the After School Kidz Science (ASKS) program. Prior to his work at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Josey attended Hampshire College where he focused on science education. Josey has worked with students of all ages, and taught in a variety of contexts. Contact Josey at: joseyb@berkeley.edu or josey.baker@gmail.com


Michael Davis is the designer and webmaster of this site, a Berkeley City College student, and a Teacher’s Assistant. He will earn his A.A. in Applied Arts from BCC in Fall 2009, and is an alumnus of the California College of the Arts.

Michael has worked in the creative departments of the advertising firm AgeWave Impact and the music publication BAM Magazine. He is a freelance fine artist and graphic designer and a working jazz musician and private music teacher, having recorded 5 full-length CDs.

See Michael’s online art portfolio at: http://www.myspace.com/davis_art and his jazz music website at: http://www.myspace.com/davismi and contact him at:davismi@comcast.net


Jashen Edwards was born in South Central Los Angeles, CA and began his musical studies at age 13. Growing up amidst crime, violence, and destruction of people and property was an unforgettable experience. Music showed a way out of the cycle of damage and destruction and presented a mode that would capture his imagination in the years to come – the power of the creative spirit to create and to heal. It is from this background that Jashen believes strongly in the will of the community and that community’s power to imagine and create a society of light.

Since making the Bay Area his home, Jashen has worked as conductor and assistant conductor for such organizations as the CMC Orchestra, Deutscher Musik-Verien, and the Stand for Children Youth Chorus and Orchestra, which he co-founded. Jashen has conducted several musical productions with local high schools and presented and taught Sounds of Life a music curriculum he created to teach children how to make musical instruments from recycled materials and use these to compose their own musical pieces. Currently, Jashen is attending U.C. Berkeley, completing a degree in both Music and Education.
Visit Jashen’s website at: http://www.soundsoflife.org/


Siu Ming Leung Garber is a working artist and designer of multimedia projects, educational workshops, and video productions. She is the Lead Film and Visual Arts Instructor for the Oakland Fine Arts Summer School, Animator and Designer of multimedia teaching materials for Lingo-Langue, and post-production editor of the short film The Outbreak.

Siu Ming has also worked to develop & implement Computer Arts Education Programs for a variety of institutions. She has served as Activities Leader/Multimedia Instructor for On Lok Senior Health; Activities Therapist for the California Pacific Medical Center; Etching/Engraving Workshop Co-Facilitator for the Chinese University of Hong Kong; and was Art Instructor for children grades K-6, at the renowned Atelier 341 in Hong Kong.

Originally a native of Hong Kong, Sui Ming lived as a working artist in Paris for over ten years.
Visit Siu Ming’s website www.solunavisions.com and contact her at:oureyes@solunavisions.com


Yoli Mapp is a prolific and multi-talented performing artist, actress, producer, and writer. Her work includes appearances in the major motion pictures Milk, Rent, The Matrix Reloaded, and Bicentennial Man, as well as numerous television appearances including Veronica Mars, Everwood, and Point Pleasant.

Yoli’s theatre production credits include the Berkeley Community Theatre, the Black Repertory Theater, the Saville Theater, and the T.V.B. Theater. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the National Endowment for the Arts, and is a BMI songwriter and publisher for her independent CD, “Grass High Above”.

Yoli is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Multimedia in Writing and has a Certificate of Completion in Visual and Performing Arts/Digital Audio from San Diego Community College, as well as a Certificate of Completion from the Black Repertory Group.

See Yoli’s impressive online resume at IMDb: http://us.imdb.com/name/nm1939666/resume and contact Yoli at: yolistyl@pacbell.net


Joel Kurtz – videographer

Lucie Marie – TA


Jennifer Waldo – TA