Pre/Post Test

Pre/Post Test

open book/open mind/openness

faces_2(circle all that apply or add your own)

1. Why use multimedia in education?

a.  Multimedia is a whole brain experience.
b.  Multimedia challenges the traditional power roles of teachers      and learners.
c.  Because it’s accessible.
d.  Because Multimedia has something for everybody.
e.  All of the above.

2. Why does wearing a BioDot make you smarter?

a.  It’s a tool to increase your awareness.
b.  It replaces Polka Dots.
c.  It increases your social skills.
d.  It helps you manage and understand how to control your stress level by teaching you how      influence your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.
e.  All of the above.

3. Why did Gretchen show up this morning?

a.  This is really a music class.
b.  We have a condition called Musicophilia.
c.  We have music on the brain.
d.  Music is a bonding experience.
e.  (other) __________________________________________________________

4. Mind Mapping and Images help you learn because:

a.  They help you locate your brain.
b.  They help your brain remember better.
c.  They help you understand others.
d.  They tell a story.
e.  Because it’s NOT reading.

5. Why is hypothesis-testing necessary for critical thinking?

a.  Because wrong answers are important.
b.  Because our hypotheses should always be correct.
c.  Because criticism feels bad.
d.  Because critical thinking is a continual process of testing assumptions and facts.
e.  (other) __________________________________________________________

6. Media Literacy Means:

a.  Media is value-free. True False
b.  All media construct reality. True False
c.  All media sells something. True False
d.  You’ll know the right Media interpretations. True False
e.  You won’t let media influence you. True False

7. Circle your overall emotional experience today.


Violet       Blue        Turquoise        Green        Yellow        Amber        Black

8. Anything else you’d like to add?

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