2016 Follow-up Report

Berkeley City College’s 2016 Follow-up Report is viewable in its entirety and downloadable below as sections.


The 2016 Follow-up Report has been prepared in accordance with the Accreditation Standards, Eligibility Requirements, and Commission policies provided by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).


Full Report:

Berkeley City College Accreditation Follow-up Report In Support of Reaffirmation of Accreditation, September 1, 2016 (pdf, 1 MB)


Table of Contents:

 Cover Sheet and Certificate Page
I.  Follow-up Report Preparation and Timeline
II.  Response to Commission Action Letter:
A. Berkeley City College Recommendations  8
i. College Recommendation 1  9
ii. College Recommendation 2  15
Evidence for BCC Recommendations
B. Peralta Community College District
i. District Recommendation 1  23
ii. District Recommendation 2  31
iii. District Recommendation 3  42
iv. District Recommendation 4  64
 v. District Recommendation 5  79
vi. District Recommendation 6  96
vii. District Recommendation 7 111
viii. District Recommendation 8 119
Evidence for PCCD Recommendations
(Reference downloaded on 9/21/2016: This item links to the web page “District 2016 Evidence Files” on the PCCD Accreditation website)