Berkeley City College is committed to a systematic and evidence-based process of self-study, evaluation, and improvement of instructional, student services, academic support services, and administrative services/programs.

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) occurs every three years and Annual Program Update (APU) occurs annually that require the College to assess its own performance based on the Strategic Goals set within the Educational Master Plan and that are also in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan.

Comprehensive Program Review and Annual Program Update process provides opportunities to examine and identify areas of program improvements to achieve student success and elimination of achievement gaps for the disproportionately impacted student groups.  Through the Resource Allocation process led by the Integrated Planning for Allocation Resources (IPAR) Committee, the College makes decisions regarding where the resources need to be provided in order to achieve its institutional goals.

Program Review & Resource Allocation Cycle



2019-2020 APU & Resource Allocation Documents