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Co-Chairs:  One administrator, one faculty member, one classified staff member


  • Faculty Senate President and/or representatives
  • Classified Senate President and/or representatives
  • Associated Student President and/or representative
  • Office of Instruction Representative
  • Faculty, Science Department
  • Faculty, Multi-Media Arts Department
  • Faculty, CIS Department
  • Faculty, At Large
  • Library Representative
  • Student Services Representative
  • Distance Education Representative
  • Disability Services Representative
  • Multimedia Services
  • Campus Network Coordinator
  • Web Specialist
  • Public Relations/Communications Representative
  • Admissions and Records Representative
  • Business Office Representative


* Members may represent multiple constituency groups


Length of Term:

  • Co-Chair(s): two years
  • Members: indeterminate


How Selected:  Appointed by respective shared-governance bodies


Attendance Requirement:

  • Members may miss no more than two meetings per year



Reporting directly to the Roundtable, the Technology Committee serves the purpose of the shared governance decision-making process at BCC. The charge of the Committee is to advise the administration on technology issues regarding:

  • Access: Provide secure computer and internet access to learning resources and support services by systematically plans, acquires, maintains, and upgrades or replaces technology and equipment to meet institutional needs.
  • Instructional Technology: Support the success of all students through the development of instructional technologies, including the delivery of instructional media.
  • Campus Computing: Improve technology systems to increase institutional efficiencies and provide long-term support for campus computing needs.
  • Network Infrastructure: Upgrade and maintain the network infrastructure to support comprehensive wireless, voice, video, and data communications (shared with District).
  • Technology Support: Provide ongoing training and technology support services to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and managers.
  • Human and Fiscal Resources: Develop, distribute and utilize resources to support the development, maintenance, and enhancement of its programs and services.
  • Business Continuity: Ensure technology resources as sufficient to maintain uninterrupted business-critical operations.


Recommends to: Education Committee and College Roundtable for Planning and Budgeting


Frequency of Meetings: once per month during the academic year.



  • Technology Committee

    Tuesday 26 May 2015


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