One administrator, one faculty member, one classified staff member


  • Faculty Senate President and/or representatives
  • Classified Senate President and/or representatives
  • Associated Student President and/or representative
  • Office of Instruction Representative
  • Faculty, Science Department
  • Faculty, Multi-Media Arts Department
  • Faculty, CIS Department
  • Faculty, At Large
  • Library Representative
  • Student Services Representative
  • Distance Education Representative
  • Disability Services Representative
  • Multimedia Services
  • Campus Network Coordinator
  • Web Specialist
  • Public Relations/Communications Representative
  • Admissions and Records Representative
  • Business Office Representative


* Members may represent multiple constituency groups


Length of Term:

  • Co-Chair(s): two years
  • Members: indeterminate


How Selected: 

Appointed by respective shared-governance bodies


Attendance Requirement:

  • Members may miss no more than two meetings per year