Berkeley City College’s Roundtable for Planning and Budgeting has three charges:

(a) to address the college strategic missions;
(b) to advise the administration on planning and budget issues by offering opportunities for college-wide participation and collecting recommendations; and
(c) to ensure budget and planning integration and data-based decision making.


Strategic Missions:

  • Inform the college about strategic goals and the activities of this committee;
  • Discuss proposed changes in broad-based college processes before they are acted on or implemented by the College President;
  • Examine and discuss issues of college-wide importance in depth with the goal of ensuring that the institution as a whole is true to its mission, clear in its identity, and effective in serving students;
  • Assess and improve the effectiveness of the BCC Shared Governance Structure.


College-wide Input and Participation:

  • Create, review, and revise committees;
  • Receive reports at least annually from all standing and ad hoc committees of the college;
  • Receive reports from district governance committee representatives and provide advice to the representatives in response;
  • Receive and review college procedural recommendations; adopt, and revise college procedures;
  • Assess college needs to ensure systematic development of procedures;
  • Obtain constituent opinions;
  • Provide a venue for college-wide initiatives and provide a means of communication with the college community;
  • Review, approve, and/or improve recommendations made by other bodies, as appropriate.


Budget and Planning Integration:

  • Link planning documents to district missions and goals, strategic plans, and accreditation standards to inform budget decisions;
  • Review programs planned and in place in order to make recommendations as to what resources are needed for those programs. Develop a framework or model for this;
  • Prioritize resource allocation based on recommendations that are informed by defined criteria and outcomes;
  • Consider budget and planning related issues brought forth from other bodies or from college constituencies before making a recommendation to the president.

Recommends to: College President

Frequency of Meetings: twice per month during the academic year



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