2016 – 2017 Membership


  • Tram Vo-Kumamoto, Vice President of Instruction, Administrator
  • Justin Hoffman, Multimedia Arts Department, Faculty
  • Joseph Bay, Multimedia/AV Specialist, Classified Staff


Position  Representative
Faculty Senate President  Mary Clarke-Milller
Classified Senate President  tba
Associated Students President  tba
Office of Instruction  Tram Vo-Kumamoto
Faculty, Science Department  Siraj Omar
Faculty, Multimedia Arts Department  Dru Kim
Faculty, CIS Department  tba
Faculty, At Large  Justin Hoffman
Library  Joshua Boatright
Student Services  Jason Cifra
Distance Education  Linda McAllister
Disability Services  Roberto Gonzalez
Multimedia Services/AV  Joe Bay
Campus Network Coordinator  Vincent Koo
Web Specialist  Theresa Rumjahn
Public Relations/Communications  Janice Adam
Admissions and Records  tba
Business Office  tba

2014-2016 Membership


  • Antonio Barreiro – Interim Dean of Academic Pathways, Workforce Development and Student Success
  • Fabian Banga – Department Chair, Modern Language; Distance Education Coordinator
  • Roberto Gonzalez – Classified Senate President; Alternate Media Specialist
  • Fabian Banga – Faculty Senate Representative
  • Roberto Gonzalez – Classified Senate President
  • Danny McCarty – Associated Students of Berkeley City College President
  • Antonio Barreiro – Office of Instruction Representative
  • Siraj Omar, Ph.D. – Department co-chair, Science; Instructor, Chemistry
  • Mary Clarke-Miller – Multimedia Arts Representative
  • Leonard Chung – Instructor, Computer Information Sciences/Business
  • Joshua Boatright – Department Chair, Librarian
  • Brenda Johnson – Dean, Student Support Services
  • Fabian Banga – Distance Education Representative
  • Windy Franklin – DSPS Representative
  • Huseyin Sari – Multimedia Services
  • Vincent Koo – Campus Network Coordinator
  • Theresa Rumjahn – Web Specialist
  • Shirley Fogarino – Public Relations Officer; Instructor, Business
  • Loretta Newsom – Admissions and Records Specialist
  • John Pang – Supervisor, Business Office