Due to the quarantine, all PSSD services have temporarily moved online.

Please contact us by emailing pssdinfo@peralta.edu.

All appointments will take place via telephone or zoom (like skype, but you don’t need an account).

Pages relating to PSSD that have a (Q) at the end of the page title have been updated to reflect changes due to the quarantine.


Berkeley City College’s (BCC) Program & Services for Students with Disabilities (PSSD) operates under mandates set forth in Section 504 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990; and Title V of the California Code of Regulations.  These laws and regulations govern:

  • Who can be served;
  • The procedures required to determine if a student qualifies for services;
  • The types of services that can be offered.
Our mission is to provide accommodations and assistance to students with disabilities that facilitate their achieving their educational goals.  We are committed to ensuring that students receive equal access to all programs and services. To that end, we seek to balance the student’s right to access with our obligation to protect the integrity of our college’s programs and services.
Students with disabilities attending BCC and enrolling in classes are expected to meet course goals as outlined in the class syllabus. PSSD services provided depend on:

  • the individual student’s verified disability;
  • his or her educational limitations;
  • the course requirements

A review of each student’s progress is conducted on semester-by-semester basis. This review ensures that the student is making measurable progress toward his or her stated goals, and that the services provided are appropriate to the student’s educational needs.

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