New FAFSA/Mix Families Update(s) (2024-2025)


New Update on Mix families (FASFA, CADAA) (April 12, 2024)

In recent weeks, the U.S Department of Education has made progress to ensure that the new online FAFSA form is more streamlined for prospective college students who are eligible for federal financial aid. However, students from mixed-status families who are eligible for federal financial aid have faced challenges with the new FAFSA application if one or more of their parents don’t have a Social Security Number. First time applicants who are struggling to complete the FAFSA due to having a contributor who does not have an SSN are now able to complete the CADAA.


CSAC is aware that current and returning students from mixed-status families are also experiencing issues submitting a FAFSA. We are working towards implementing a technical fix that would allow current and returning students from mixed-status families to submit a CADAA. CSAC will follow up with students if/when CADAA becomes available for this group of students. Please sign up for our non-SSN contributor email list to receive email updates. 


Opening CADAA to FAFSA-eligible students who are first time applicants will allow them to complete the CADAA prior to the May 2, 2024, state priority deadline for Cal Grant and Middle-Class Scholarship. These students will also need to complete the FAFSA later this year to obtain the most possible financial aid. Students and their non-SSN contributors should continue to pursue the account creation and identity verification process even if they choose to complete CADAA now, so they can maximize their eligibility to all forms of aid. 


Existing non-SSN contributor webinars will educate students and families about all available options. Completing a CADAA now guarantees students a submission date that meets the state priority deadline for Cal Grant and Middle-Class Scholarship. By completing the FAFSA later, the student will apply for federal aid including Pell Grant, work study, and federal student loans.  


For more information on how students from mixed-status families can access the California Dream Act Application, visit the CSAC webpage for CADAA for Mixed Status Families. We will use this email list to provide next steps as more information becomes available. Attached is the Press Release and the GSA regarding this.

Parent contributor non-ssn (FEB. 21, 2024)

Students with parents who do not have a social security number are experiencing barriers to complete the FAFSA. Until it’s resolved, you can follow these steps to submit your form if you have a parent contributor without an SSN.

Step 1: Start the 2024–25 FAFSA® form at

As you prepare to fill out the form, make sure you and your

contributor(s) each create a account.

Step 2: Invite all required contributors to participate in the form.

Follow the prompts in the online form to identify and invite your contributors.

List contributor information exactly as it appears on the contributor’s legal identification such as their birth certificate, U.S. driver’s license, or foreign passport.

Make sure the personal information you enter exactly matches the information they provided when creating their account.

Leave the SSN portion blank only for those contributors that do not have one

Step 3: Sign your section of the form after selecting schools.

After adding your school(s) to your form (Berkeley City College),

review your information, sign your form, and then continue to the “section complete” page.

Step 4: From your “section complete” page, select the link to enter your contributor’s information manually.

Once you apply your signature, you’ll see the “You’re Almost There!” page, which indicates your section of the form is complete.

Go to the bottom of this page, past “Things You Should Know,” and select the link to enter your contributor’s information manually.

Step 5: Provide information for your contributor

Fill in all information associated with your contributor who does not have an SSN. You will need to manually enter their income and tax information including their Adjusted Gross Income and income taxes paid. You may need a copy of their 2022 Federal tax return to complete this section.

IMPORTANT: Your contributor that does not have an SSN should NOT enter the form at this time. Please see the slide on corrections for more information.

Step 6: Submit the form

If you have only ONE required contributor you will see a “Submit” button at the bottom of the Review Form page (“Take a Moment to Review Before Signing”). Select “Submit” to submit the form without the signature of the contributor who does not have an SSN.

A pop-up window will warn you that the form is missing your contributor’s consent, but simply select “Submit” again to move through that message.

If you have TWO required contributors (two parents) who don’t have an SSN, you’ll need to complete the second contributor’s section as well. Select the manual entry link at the bottom of the first contributor’s “section complete” page to enter the second contributor’s information. Once you complete their section, you can submit your form.

Step 7: Watch for your confirmation email.

You will receive a confirmation showing your submission date. Keep a copy of your confirmation (your confirmation email or a screenshot of your confirmation page) in case other financial aid providers request proof of your submission.

Step 8: Check your form’s status starting in the first half of March.

Starting in the first half of March, FAFSA will be processing FAFSA forms. Once your form is processed, the status of the form will show as Action Required.” This means that the form has been submitted and processed, but your eligibility for federal student aid can’t be determined until all required contributors provide consent and approval and their signature.

Step 9: Provide consent and approval and make corrections where needed to complete processing and receive your eligibility calculation.

Important: You may need to remind your contributors to return to the form to make a correction to provide their consent and signature.

After your form is processed, contributors who don’t have an SSN must return to the form to provide consent and approval to share their information and to add their signature. This will allow FAFSA to access the IRS data exchange and calculate your SAI. If you need to make other corrections to your application, such as adding schools to receive your data, you should do so prior to resubmitting.

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