Multimedia Arts Crosswalk

See the updated catalog numbers and new offered courses at Berkeley City College.

2017-19 Catalog#Course NameUpdate/New2019-20 Catalog#Course Name
newMM/AN 2History of Animation
newMM/AN 19Character and creature design
newMM/AN 21BIntermediate 3D Modeling
newMM/AN 24Performance Animation
newMM/AN 44Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality
newMM/AN 50Career Preparation for Animation and Game Industries
newMM/AN 55A and 55BAnimation and Game Studio Practice
MMART 109Writing for the Business of MultimediaupdateMM/VI 5The Art of Producing
MMART 111ANarrative Scriptwriting IupdateMM/VI 1AIntroduction to Narrative Scriptwriting
MMART 111BNarrative Scriptwriting IIupdateMM/VI 1BIntermediate Narrative Scriptwriting
MMART 112Writing for News and DocumentaryupdateMM/VI 17Social Media Production
MMART 113Social Media ReportingupdateMM/VI 16Social Media Storytelling
MMART 114/114LData Design for Digital Media+Labno change
MMART 116Storytelling in AnimationupdateMM/AN 1BStorytelling in Animation
MMART 117/117LIntroduction to Desktop Publishing+LabupdateMM/DI 11Publication and Page Design
MMART 129/129LComtemporary Color+LabupdateMMART 3/LContemporary Color+Lab
MMART 131A/131LAPhotoshop I+LabupdateMM/DI 4/4LIntroduction to Photoshop+Lab
MMART 131B/131LBPhotoshop II+LabupdateMM/DI 2Sketching Fundamentals for Design
MMART 132A/132LAIllustrator I+LabupdateMM/DI 1A/LAIntroduction to Digital Illustration+Lab
MMART 132B/132LBPainter I+LabupdateMM/DI 1BIntermediate Digital Illustration
MMART 132C/132LCPainter II+LabupdateMM/DI 1CAdvanced Digital Illustration
MMART 133A133LADigital Photography I+LabupdateMM/DI 20A/LAIntroduction to Digital Photography+Lab
MMART 133B/133LBDigital Photography II+LabupdateMM/DI 20B/LBIntermediate Digital Photography+Lab
MMART 133C/133LCDigital Photography III+LabupdateMM/DI 21/LDigital Photography Studio+Lab
MMART 134A/134LADigital Printmaking I+LabupdateMM/DI 40A/LAIntroduction to Digital Printing+Lab
MMART 134B/134LBDigital Printmaking II+LabupdateMM/DI 40B/LBIntermediate Digital Printing+Lab
MMART 135A/135LAAdvanced Practices for Digital Printmaking I+LabupdateMM/DI 45A/LADigital Printing Studio Practice I+Lab
MMART 135B/135LBAdvanced Practices for Digital Printmaking II+LabupdateMM/DI 45B/LBDigital Printing Studio Practice II+Lab
MMART 136/136LDigital Printing for Photographers+LabupdateMM/DI 23/LDigital Printing for Photographers+Lab
MMART 137A/137LAApplications of Large Scale Print I+LabupdateMM/DI 46A/LALarge Scale Print Studio Practice I+Lab
MMART 137B/137LBApplications of Large Scale Print II+LabupdateMM/DI 46B/LBLarge Scale Print Studio Practice II+Lab
MMART 138Location Sound RecordingupdateMM/VI 25/025LSound Recording and Audio Production
MMART 141AVideo Production IupdateMM/VI 09AVideo Production I: Introduction to Video
MMART 141BVideo Production II: Directing & ProducingupdateMM/VI 9BVideo Production II: Cinematography and Visual Storytelling
MMART 141CVideo Production IIIupdateMM/VI 9CVideo Production III: Directing and Producing
MMART 142Visual Storytelling & CinematographyupdateMM/VI 9DVideo Production IV: Advanced Team Projects
MMART 148A/148LASound Recording and Editing+LabupdateMM/VI 24A/LASound Design I
MMART 148B/148LBSound for Film & Animation+LabupdateMM/VI 24B/LBSound Design II
MMART 150A/150LAVideo Editing I+LabupdateMM/VI 20A/LAEditing I: Introduction to Video Editing
MMART 150B/150LBVideo Editing II+LabupdateMM/VI 20B/LBEditing II: Technical Skills
MMART 150C/150LCVideo Editing III+LabupdateMM/VI 20C/LCEditing III: Crafting a Story
MMART 150D/150LDVideo Editing IV+LabupdateMM/VI 20D/LDEditing IV: Editing for Distribution
MMART 152C/152LCMotion Graphics / After Effects III / Lab replacementreplacedMM/AN 41BVideo Game Development
MMART 153Digital Cinematography BasicsupdateMM/VI 41Cinematography Fundamentals
MMART 155A/155LASpecial Projects in Digital Photography A+LabupdateMM/DI 25A/LASpecial Projects in Digital Photography I+Lab
MMART 155B/155LBSpecial Projects in Digital Photography B+LabupdateMM/DI 25B/LBSpecial Projects in Digital Photography II+Lab
MMART 156Documentary Production IntensiveupdateMM/VI 15Documentary Production and Editing
MMART 157Beginning Motion Picture LightingupdateMM/VI 42Introduction to Motion Picture Lighting
MMART 162/162LContemporary Scripting for Games, Mobile and Web+Labno change
MMART 164/164LIntroduction to Web Design+LabupdateMM/MW 1A/1LAIntroduction to Web Design
MMART 165/165LFundamentals of Graphic Visualization+LabupdateMM/MW 2/2LFundamentals of Graphic Visualization
MMART 166/166LUser Experience and Interface Design+Labno change
MMART 167/167LMobile and Cross-Platform Web Design+Labno change
MMART 168/168LOnline Games & Interactivity+Labno change
MMART 169/169LSocial & Emergent Media+LabupdateMM/MW 4A/4LASocial Media Marketing and Data Analytics
MMART 170/170LVirtual Reality and Digital Spaces+Labno change
MMART 171/171LWeb Commerce & Internet Start Up+Labno change
MMART 175BGame DesignupdateMM/AN 40AIntroduction to Game Design
MMART 177/177LIntroduction to Animation Principles / LabupdateMM/AN 3AIntroduction to 2D Animation
MMART 178/178LDrawing for Animation / LabupdateMM/AN 1ADrawing for Animation
MMART 179Animation Layout and Visual DevelopmentupdateMM/AN 22A3D Layout and Lighting
MMART 180/180LAnimation Special Effects / LabupdateMM/AN 22BSpecial Effects for Animation
MMART 181/181LExperimental Animation / LabupdateMM/AN 10Experimental Animation
MMART 182Scripting and Programming for Computer GraphicsupdateMM/AN 41AIntroduction to Game Scripting
MMART 185A/185LA3-D Illustration / Cinema 4D I+LabupdateMM/DI 15AIntroduction to 3D Motion Graphics
MMART 185B/185LB3-D Illustration / Cinema 4D II+LabupdateMM/DI 15BIntermediate 3D Motion Graphics
MMART 186/186LIntroduction to 2D Digital Animation / LabupdateMM/AN 42D Digital Animation
MMART 187/187LAnimation Practices I / LabupdateMM/AN 3BIntermediate 2D Animation
MMART 188Introduction to 3D Animation IupdateMM/AN 20AIntroduction to 3D Animation
MMART 189Introduction to 3D Character AnimationupdateMM/AN 20B3D Character Animation
MMART 1913D Modeling for Animation & Game DesignupdateMM/AN 21AIntroduction to 3D Modeling
MMART 1923D Rigging for Animation and Game DesignupdateMM/AN 233D Rigging
MMART 193Game Design Level DevelopmentupdateMM/AN 40BGame Level Design
MMART 1942D/3D Animation ProductionupdateMM/AN 25Animation Production
MMART 197/197LMultimedia Portfolio/Sample Reel Development/LabupdateMMART197Multimedia Career Preparation