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Summer ’23: June 20 – July 27

MM/DI 1B Intermediate Digital Illustration

Course Flyer

Course Description:

3 Units

Lecture:  MW, 10:30-11:45AM and 1:00-2:50PM

Lab:  MW, 3:00-4:50PM

Hybrid:  Room 213 and On-Line

No prerequisite.

Acceptable for credit: CSU

Introductory up to advanced Multimedia Arts studio course dedicated to the development of illustration concepts and techniques in digital form. The course is focused on historical and current directions of digital illustration along with the impact of technology on the visual arts. Students will learn to create editorial, scientific visual imaging and book illustrations; and will also explore innovative experimental illustrations. Lecture topics will include discussions on the fundamentals of 2D composition, graphic design layout, and how to create a professional presentation using one’s own body of work.


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