2018-19 BCC Commencement Committee Members

Graduation Committee Members 2018-19

Alejandria Tomas, Committee Chair 
Campus Life Director

Gail Pendleton, Committee Co-Chair
Assessment & Orientation Coordinator


Kiara Allen, Bookstore Manager
Ramona Butler, EOPS/CARE Coordinator
Nancy Cayton, Staff Assistant/ASL
Jason Cifra, Vice President for Student Services
Hue Huynh, Admission Technician
Joanne Louie, Sr. Staff Services Specialist/Business Office
Jasmine Sumandal Martinez, Staff Assistant to VPSS
Kelly Pernell, Academic Senate President, Faculty
Cynthia Reese, Executive Assistant to the President
Hilary Lee, Student Services Personnel Specialist
Karen Shields, Duplicating Technician
Roger Toliver, Staff Services Specialist/Business Office
Tam Vo, Admissions Technician

Should you have any questions, please email:
Alejandria Tomas (atomas@peralta.edu)
Gail Pendleton (gpendleton@peralta.edu)