Our Values

We in the English Department support our college’s values of academic excellence, multiculturalism and diversity, commitment to preparing students for citizenship in a diverse and complex changing global society, commitment to a quality and collegial workplace, and the importance of innovation and flexibility:
Berkeley City College embraces values which allow all members of our college community to grow and thrive. Our values include the following:
  • A Focus on Academic Excellence and Student Learning. We value our students’ varied educational and experiential backgrounds and learning styles, as well as educational objectives.
  • A Commitment to Multiculturalism and Diversity. We value diversity, which fosters appreciation of others, depth of understanding, insight, empathy, innovation and creativity, characteristics our institution seeks in its students, faculty and staff.
  • A Commitment to Preparing Students for Citizenship in a Diverse and Complex Changing Global Society. We value the fact that students live and work in an increasingly complex society and world.
  • A Commitment to a Quality and a Collegial Workplace. We value the high quality that characterizes everything we do.
  • The Importance of Innovation and Flexibility. We value innovation because it encourages our students to question the typical and expand their thinking in a flexible manner that allows them to understand life’s dynamic potential.