Teacher’s Aide Certificate

The Teacher’s Aide Certificate Program focuses on excellence in the preparation of current and future k-12 Teachers’ Aides, and thus makes them more desirable as candidates for paraprofessional positions in k-12 public schools.  This certificate is designed to help current or future teachers’ aides enter or advance in the education field, or boost earning potential.

Seventeen of the units from the certificate program count towards an AA-T degree in Elementary Teacher Education.

The Teacher’s Aide Certificate Program offers opportunities for volunteer field experience in local k-12 schools, as well as excellent professional development to those already working as teacher’s aides.

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For more information, contact:

Joya L. Chavarin, Ed.D.
Faculty and Education Coordinator
jchavarin@peralta.edu / p: 510-985-9607
To schedule a appointment and learn more about the program: calendly.com/drchavarin