RTN-Roadmap to Careers User Guide

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We are excited to embark on a journey with you and your students that will help them learn more about themselves and their opportunities for the future. Your students may now access Roadtrip Nation’s vast Interview Archive, filled with stories from Leaders from varying fields, careers, and backgrounds. Explore how Leaders figured out what they love and how they built their life around it.

Roadtrip Nation Approved Messaging – Getting The Word Out
The blurb below has been approved by Roadtrip Nation and may be used on your school’s website to promote the use of Roadmap to Careers to your students:

Align your interests to a fulfilling career for free with [insert school’s name]’s subscription to Roadmap to Careers!
Discover how the things you like can connect you to a rewarding career you’ll love. Drawing from Roadtrip Nation’s library of thousands of candid video interviews with professionals from all walks of life, Roadmap to Careers showcases real stories of the struggles and successes you might encounter on your road to a fulfilling career – and equips you with the tools you’ll need to take your first steps to build a livelihood that’s true to who you are.

Instructions for how students can access Roadmap to Careers are below.

Getting Started – Student Access

Once your landing page is up and running, please direct your students to your unique URL: https://roadtripnation.com/edu/bcc. Once they visit, please have them follow the steps below in order to jump right in!

  • When on the landing page https://roadtripnation.com/edu/xxx, students can either click “Get started” or simply click “Create Account” in the top right corner. Please make sure the students are on YOUR institutional landing page and not on roadtripnation.com or roadtripnation.org. Their membership codes will NOT be recognized on these sites.
    • After clicking “Create Account”, the students will be directed to an account creation page
      where they will need to fill out all the required fields.
    • Please create a username which has 6-15 characters, with the exception of specialcharacters; i.e. “firstnamelastname”.
    • For the password, they can choose their own with at least 8 characters, at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character.
    • For the email address, we highly recommend students use their .edu email address.
  • After students create an account, they will be taken directly to a page to fill out their membership status. This is the page where the students will input their provided membership code in order to gain full access to our career exploration tools and leader videos.
  • Please ensure they click “Go!” so the membership code is processed to their account. If they click “Get started” first, the membership code will not be saved.
  • For those students that already have an account and log in, they may go to “Account Settings” in the top right corner, click “Membership”, and add the according membership code.

After successfully setting up an account and logging in, your students can get started using the Interview
Archive by:

  • Completing the Roadmap tool to find Leaders connected to your students’ Roads.
  • Clicking on the Theme tab to find out what Leaders think about financial security, success, and many other difficult topics.
  • Using the Leader tab to see whom we’ve talked to throughout the years.
  • Personalizing your students’ experience by finding Leaders based on Interest and Foundation, and connect who they are with what they’re exploring.

Implementation Tips
Introduce the Original Roadtrip and Interview Archive.

Kick off your students’ journey with the story of the Original Roadtrip:

Roadtrip Nation started when our founders, Nathan, Mike, and Brian weren’t sure what to do with their lives, so they went on a Roadtrip to learn the stories of Leaders who built lives around their passions. The conversations generated such powerful insights that the original roadtrippers decided to start Roadtrip Nation as a platform to share the stories of people who have defined their own roads. Next, explain to students that the Interview Archive is a collection of all the stories Roadtrip Nation has gathered on the road over the years. It contains the stories of people who have pushed through roadblocks to create their livelihoods around their interests—everyone from CEOs of big companies to costume designers, magazine writers, biologists, chocolatiers, and beyond. Students can see how successful people made life decisions, and then apply those insights to their own lives as they start to define their own roads.

Recommended Videos to Start With
Start off with a diverse mix of Leaders who come from different backgrounds and work in different fields.
We’ve found that the following Leaders resonate well with young people:

Zaria Forman
Artist & Climate Change Activist

Father Greg Boyle
Founder / Executive Director Homeboy Industries

Jessica Santana
New York On Tech
New York, NY USA

John Rodrigues
Ice Sculptor / Author
High School Dropout to Harvard

Mansi M. Kasliwal
Assistant Professor of Astronomy & Principal Investigator at GROWTH
California Institute of Technology
Palomar Observatory, CA USA

Evelynn M. Hammonds
Professor, History of Science, African and African American Studies
Harvard University