Dr. Aaron Mobley Publishes a Book on the History of Jazz & Co-Authors “Human Achievement and Innovation in the Arts”

BCC music instructor Aaron Mobley has penned a book on the history of jazz and is co-author of a 2nd edition text on Human Achievement and Innovation in the Arts. The latter evolved from a course he co-created at the University of Arizona, where he still is an adjunct faculty member and part of the American Culture Ideas Initiative in the Fred Fox School of Music. The text and course examine significant evolutions in music, art, and dance from antiquity to the present.


Dr. Aaron MobleyIn October, Mobley is an invited guest scholar and presenter at the“2016 Music + Festival” at the University of Arizona. He will speak on Arnold Schoenberg,Kurt Weill, and Hans Winterberg under the rubric of “Forbidden Composers” (their music was banned by the Nazis). This year’s festival explores the composers’ lives in their native lands and in America, the relationship between serious and popular music, and brings a new voice into the musical conversation of the 21st century.