What is the Humanities Program @ BCC?


The Humanities Program @BCC is housed in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies.

Humanities courses at BCC explore ways of thinking, being, and living in a global, transnational and interdisciplinary perspective by guiding student learning in an historically grounded and critically engaged approach to a variety of subjects. Comprising disciplines concerned with human thought, creativity, and experience, courses in the Humanities allow students to study foundations in personal and community values, cultural views, religious beliefs, and aesthetic practices and theories.

BCC’s Humanities Program includes introductory courses in the field as well as courses following three strands:

    (1) Art of Everyday Life 

    (2) Film Studies

    (3) Religious Studies

All three strands lead to degrees and certificates, including the A.A. in Liberal Arts (with an emphasis in Arts and Humanities) and IGETC.

What requirements do Humanities courses at BCC satisfy?

The majority of Humanities courses @BCC satisfy G.E. requirements as well as requirements for the A.A. degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Arts & Humanities. Some Humanities courses are linked to other degrees and programs at BCC (such as the AA-T in Philosophy, PACE Pathways, FYE, and MMART). Humanities courses prepare students for an array of Liberal Arts and Social Science majors at the four-year level as well as offer students at any level fundamental approaches and perspectives on human thoughts, values, and expressive cultural experiences.

Check out this visual description of how Humanities courses work in relation to each other and other programs here at BCC and beyond. 


Humanities Faculty @BCC

Our faculty come from a diverse array of disciplinary training, including Folklore, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Religious Studies, and Theater. Our inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary backgrounds mirror the kinds of courses we offer as well as the kind of humanistic approach we take in our courses.

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♦   Shawn Doubiago, Ph.D. (

♦   Dylan Eret, Ph.D.   (

♦   Laura E. Ruberto, Ph.D. (

♦   Avy Valladares, Ph.D. (

♦   Anna Rodas, Ph.D. (