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Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

IGETC is a general education program that California community college transfers can use to fulfill all lower-division general education requirements at any CSU or University of California campus.


Print or save a copy of the following program and breadth requirements:


The IGETC will be most helpful to students who want to keep their options open–those who know they want to transfer but who have not yet decided upon a particular institution, campus, or major. Certain students, however, will not be well served by following the IGETC. Students who intend to transfer into a high-unit major or one that requires extensive lower-division major preparation, such as Engineering, should concentrate on completing the many prerequisites for the major that the college screens to determine eligibility for admission. A counselor can advise you which path is best for you to follow.


The IGETC requires completion of a minimum of 37 semester units of lower division course work with a grade of “C” or better in each course. You must complete and have certified all areas of IGETC before transfer for the university to accept you. You can address any exceptions to this policy with a counselor. The University will require you to complete at least nine (9) semester units of upper-division general education work after you transfer. You are responsible for requesting IGETC Certification from the Peralta District Admissions and Records Office. Consult a counselor for further information.


Other U.C. Requirements: American History and Institutions—IGETC.

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