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Berkeley City College (BCC) is a premier diverse, student-centered learning community dedicated to academic excellence, collaboration, innovation and transformation. BCC’s Learning Communities support the college mission by fostering collaboration with faculty to promote student success and empowering students both in and outside of the classroom. Learning Communities offer essential support for students to ensure a smooth transition to college.


BCC’s Learning Communities are cohort-based, meaning students take classes with the same group of students and move forward together to reach their educational goals. This enables students to have a support system within their peers, building relationships and connections with one another as they help each other succeed. This peer support is in addition to the support they also receive from BCC’s dedicated instructors and counselors who provide valuable support services such as individual counseling, tutoring, mentoring, and educational planning — all to ensure a successful transfer to jobs and/or a four-year university.


Learning Community Benefits

  • Collaborative learning in the classroom; supportive community of peers, instructors, and counselors
  • Embedded library and tutor support
  • Access to Learning Community counselors
  • Creation of a comprehensive student education plan (SEP) for transfer
  • Priority registration
  • Field trips, guest speakers, interactive learning environment, and much more


Learning Communities and Equity Model: Six Student Success Factors

  • Directed: students have a goal and know how to achieve it
  • Focused: students stay on track—keeping their eyes on the prize
  • Nurtured: students feel somebody wants to help them to succeed
  • Engaged: students actively participate in class and extracurricular activities
  • Connected: students feel like they are part of the college community
  • Valued: students’ skills, talents, abilities and experiences are recognized; they have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are appreciated



BCC offers several Learning Communities, the biggest one being First-Year Experience (FYE) Learning Communities. FYE programs include:



Provides students with an opportunity to gain momentum towards transfer through linked courses in English, Counseling, and Liberal Arts. (College Level English placement required.)



Supports first-generation college students from diverse backgrounds in foundational courses



Gives high school students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a college experience while completing foundational courses with a supportive community of peers, instructors, and counselors.



Provides an African-American learning experience for African-American students and others who would benefit from and appreciate learning from the African Diaspora viewpoint.


Other Learning Communities offered at BCC are:



Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) helps ESL (English as a Second Language) students develop and advance their English speaking skills to transfer to a four-year university.



An evening Liberal Arts transfer program designed for working adults and those with busy schedules.


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