API L.E.A.D. Leadership. Empowerment. Advocacy. Diversity.


The intent of API L.E.A.D. is to provide access and support to the diverse group of students that identify as Asian and Pacific Islander (API) and others who would appreciate and benefit from learning from the API perspective.

API L.E.A.D. strives to empower our diverse LEADers to learn more about their cultural identities and develop leadership and advocacy skills through participating and facilitating various on-campus and off-campus events and activities, including but not limited to: API L.E.A.D. student club, student panels, career panels, conferences, cultural events and activities.


Increase degree and transfer rates, especially for our Southeast Asian, Filipino, and Pacific Islander students

Build community

Increase awareness of the diverse experiences within the API community

Benefits & Services:

  • Virtual mentorship
  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Virtual Study Hall
  • Access to Technology
  • Priority Registration
  • Cultural Events & Field Trips
  • Dedicated Counselor
  • Semester check in
  • Team Building & Semester Break Activities
  • Cohort Classes
  • Specialized Career, Graduation & Transfer Assistance

For more information, contact:

Christina Taing, API L.E.A.D. Counselor & Instructor

Email: cltaing@peralta.edu

Susan Cuong, API L.E.A.D. Counselor & Instructor

Email: scuong@peralta.edu