Berkeley City College offers a selection of chemistry courses designed to prepare students for further studies in the sciences (such as chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering) and professional careers (such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, and pharmacy).

CHEM 1A students:

To meet the prerequisite for CHEM 1A, you can take CHEM 30A or ALEKS (on-line, self-paced).

Classes Offered

  1. CHEM 1A – General Chemistry
  2. CHEM 1B – General Chemistry
  3. CHEM 12A – Organic Chemistry
  4. CHEM 12B – Organic Chemistry
  5. CHEM 18 – Analytical Instrumentation
  6. CHEM 30A – Introductory General Chemistry
  7. CHEM 30B – Introductory Organic and Biochemistry

Degrees and Certificates

  1. Analytical Chemistry Associate in Science Degree
  2. Analytical Chemistry Certificate of Achievement


  1. Siraj Omar, Ph.D.
  2. Sam Gillette, Ph.D.
  3. Gurnam Singh, Ph.D.
  4. Anu Sharma, MS, MEd, MBA
  5. Neeta Sharma, Ph.D.
  6. Ali Dehghani, Ph.D.
  7. Becky Gee, Ph.D.
  8. Julian Rees, Ph.D.
  9. Dean Covalt, MS
  10. Alicia Muhn, MS
  11. Dalileh Alaei, MS

Useful Links

Explore Chemistry:

  1. American Chemical Society
  2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Chemical Sciences Division
  3. UC Berkeley – College of Chemistry

Learning Resources:

  1. Chemistry Lecture Notes
  2. Kahn Academy – Chemistry
  3. Marsden’s Chemistry Resource
  4. Chemistry Library (Open access textbooks)

Hygiene Plan:

  1. Peralta Chemical Hygiene Plan