BIOL 13L – Principles of Ecology and Sustainable Systems Lab

1 Unit

3 hours laboratory (GR or P/NP). Prerequisite or corequisite: BIOL 13 or ENVMT 2 or (ENVST 11). Not open for credit to students who have completed ENVMT 2L (or ENVMT 11L) or are currently enrolled in ENVMT 2L at Merritt College. Acceptable for credit: UC/CSU

Field laboratory course which identifi es, measures, and tests the sustainable environmental principles discussed in ENVMT 2 or BIOL 13: Qualitative and macro/micro quantitative methods, identifying and sustaining ecosystems, nutrient cycling, geographical and aquatic ecology, population dynamics, water and energy systems, air pollution and hazardous waste, and farming methods and use of pesticides.

(Source: 2017-2019 Berkeley City College Catalog)

Note: Designed for PACE Pathways majors; enroll via PACE Pathways office.