Roundtable Membership

2023-2024 Roundtable Committee Members

Denise Richardson Tri-Chair, College President
 Matthew Freeman Tri-Chair, Academic Senate President
Thomas “Tom” Rizza Tri-Chair, Classified Senate President
 Joya Chavarin Academic Senate Representative
 Skyler Barton Academic Senate Representative
Carolyn Martin Academic Senate Representative
 Kuni Hay Administration Representative
 Stacey Shears Administration Representative
 Sean T. Brooks Administration Representative
Kristiyan Klichev ASBCC President
Gail Pendleton Classified Senate Representative
Ramona Butler Classified Senate Representative
Carolina Martinez Classified Senate Representative
 John Nguyen Associate Dean of Student Engagement & Basic Needs
Djenilin Mallari Executive Assistant to the President
 Ari Krupnick Lead Chair of Chairs Council Representative
Phoumy Sayavong Public Information Officer – Designee


Length of Term:
By position – as long as position held
By appointment – Indeterminate
How Selected:
Tri-Chairs in consultation with their respective constituency bodies



Previous Year: